AE17 Survey Results

townshipae176121111121111On 13 February 2017, Township launched its placemaking manifesto, outlining the key issues to improve Northern Ireland’s built environment. In that manifesto, we identified five crucial components of a thriving built environment, to make Northern Ireland a healthier, greener, and more equitable place.

We then wrote to every candidate standing for election to the NI Assembly in 2017, and asked them if they support our policy positions.

To read some of the thinking behind the questions, click here.

Now for the results.township_ae17The overall response rate (17%), though disappointing, is also instructive. The survey was emailed three times, and we used Twitter to directly engage with candidates who use that platform. It is clear from the results below that the smaller parties are more responsive generally, and broadly support our policy positions.

Here are the questions we asked:

1.Housing: If elected, will you prioritise housing policy that repopulates our towns and cities, encouraging affordable, shared development, reusing existing structures and brownfield sites rather than building in open countryside?

2.Transport: If elected, will you prioritise low-cost public transport provision, safe and expansive cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, to reduce of the need for private vehicles, particularly in our towns and cities?

3. Built Heritage: If elected, will you prioritise the protection of our built heritage, including robust conservation policies, penalties for those who contribute to the dereliction and demolition of listed buildings, and reduce barriers to occupation and reuse of vacant heritage properties?

4. Participation: If elected, will you reform planning law to make it impossible to proceed to application stage without evidence of an open and in-depth process of pre-consultation with affected parties, establish Third Party Rights of Appeal, and sanction against failing to declare conflicts of interest on planning committees?

5. Liveability: If elected, will you prioritise the liveability of our towns and cities, ensure equitable distribution of amenities such as schools, libraries, arts provision, public space, and legislate for the management of vacant and unused properties to mitigate negative impact?

Additional | Transparency: We will be stating whether or not your party has named your major donors, and if so, for how long.  We will not be commenting on your stated policy, only on your actions.  If you would like to add a comment with regards to your choices on this issue, please do so when you respond to the questions above.

Select a constituency to see detailed responses from local candidates.






We’re happy to update these results, so if you’re a candidate and would like to let voters know your position on these issues, email and we’ll add your response to the tables.

Township is a movement for placemaking in Northern Ireland; composed of professionals, academics, & activists, campaigning for greater transparency and participation in how our towns & cities get shaped.

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